The photographer and the random in a dance at the wedding


It is time to move on. It is the moment to start the last part of the wedding day, with a cake to cut when they need to relax. Everything in the wedding is symbolic, in some way ritualistic, except love and friendship. The ceremony, the arrival to the meal room, and the first dance with that cake to say goodbye.

To the wedding photographer, it is a sort of a challenge mixed with the incertitude of not knowing what is next movement of the choreography is. A couple dancing closely does not mean that it will be like that at the end of the dance. Suddenly they let go, change the style, tell secrets that explode in fantastic reactions and the photographer must react and act immediately to be able to catch all.

All the wedding steps have their challenge to be well done. The first dance, if the wedding photographer dares to accept it, it is the one that let him be more exposed to the unexpected. When based on his experience, some intuition, and trust in his equipment he can bring with him one more chapter of the story, told in photos.

Bride and groom opening the ball at Quinta Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora in Abóboda, S. Domingos de Rana.

Let me tell you why I photograph weddings.

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