Hands of the bride hit the net mask on face, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

The photographer and the reflection, at a wedding


Hands of the bride hit the net mask on face, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

There are movie directors who do not resist doing a small role in their movies. We can find some of them as secondary actors throughout history, only appearing in a small scene, an appearance where we least expect it, or as a mere passing by in a street scene.

I do not know if it is vanity and be more than a name at the end of the film if the producer wants to save on the budget or, only because they think it is fun. Despite not being a director, the wedding photographer also deals with many characters doing something and telling a story.

Also, I do not have any of the characteristics of those directors but, once in a while, the wedding photographer is in the scene of action and not able to escape to stay, also, in the frame. Usually, the fault is on his beloved mirrors.

Sometimes when they offer him the perfect photo, they do not allow him to stay out of the reflection. That is why, and not by vanity, I find myself looking for myself in the middle of the coming photo. But, when I am a character in the part of the story and I can not have the power to say no, I must accept and move on.

But, I must talk to you about my faithful and knowledgeable lenses. They know exactly well what the mirrors are doing with me and, also, who is important there.

So, by methods that only Japanese engineers can explain, and there is no time to ask them, they transform the wedding photographer into some sort of a cloud, in a texture that can help to complete the photo and, only, very forcibly, someone will know who has the face covered by some dark object, remotely resembling a photographic camera.

I can’t even think of my life without my precious lenses that so well protect me from twisted-looking mirrors. Ah…In the third photo, the one on the right is me. Just to let you know. Not important…but….

Bride fixing the veil mask before leaving for the wedding ceremony.
Bride puts the final touch on the veil mask.
Bride with veil mask ready to go to the wedding ceremony.

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