Taking advantage of the graphic design of a half-open door, the wedding photographer captures the groom moments before leaving for the wedding ceremony.

The photographer and the restlessness, on a wedding day


Taking advantage of the graphic design of a half-open door, the wedding photographer captures the groom moments before leaving for the wedding ceremony.

     Let us breathe. The groom is ready. The first type of nervousness is stopped by fastening his shirt cufflinks, who insists on not hitting the aperture, needing here and there other pair of hands, the necktie knot that does not want to get the right length what the hell I do this every day to go for the work and today I can not do it right, why is that?

Yes… I know it, I do this for so long that I am all the time crossing with this, but I do not tell him. This gives me photos and a groom, on the day of being it, does not like advice and he maybe becomes more nervous, because the worst, that is, hoping for the best, is still to come and they say that the heart starts to beat faster, the tension goes up and some of them get the lips so dry that they hardly can say the, yes, I do. If it was right now, maybe, it was not. 

But, the wedding photographer assures us that it is like that. Do not worry because, ahead, this will stop and nobody remembers the button that never was readily looming in the window.

    Before moving on to the second part of the unrest, let’s make some photos already ready, which is better than any tranquilizer, also, says the wedding photographer who has been through a lot of nerves and learned some tricks to calm them down.

It takes the opportunity, also, for the groom to have some vain memories of being so handsome, with the certainty that the suit was the right one and there is no reason to think about it anymore and he only needs to be groomed with it, the suit, transformed him to dazzle his more than anything, since she walks the first step at the door, getting used to the dark of the church and seeing him near the altar, pretending that his legs do not shake and thanking the suit for not showing it.

   I find, at least, two kinds of nervousness that attack grooms in the morning of the transformation and never-ending wait until that, also him, lurking out of the corner of the eye because he can not see the bride until she is near him, he glimpses her, at the bottom, vanished inside a sea of light, as they say, the angels do when they come to earth, and, step by step she looks more like her until she is really her and he pretends he does not see her, so as not to break the rule, but, that, will stay forever in his memory, confirmed by a photo made by the wedding photographer assuring to him that it was not a vision, no sir, can I turn around I am going to…oooh!!…she is…beautiful.

     Well, let us come back to the nervousness. What speed up the grooms and do let them quiet, having the sensation that a minute, until that vision, is more than an hour and almost wear out the soles of their shoes before they are needed and those that are so silent when before they were chatty, do not leave the same place, as if the shoes were so tight that they do not let them move and, it is necessary they do it and, both the wedding photographer and those around them, always encouraging them because it seems that they are about to give up.

It seems, I said. However, I can tell you with some vanity, that with both nervousnesses, the wedding photographer knows how to take advantage, he never leaves with empty hands and he goes away, swiftly, until the next part of the wedding day. 

With the groom in the background, out of focus, getting ready for the ceremony, a photograph of him as a child, in a frame on a piece of furniture, by the wedding photographer.

In a mirror, the groom tightening his tie with the help of his mother, seen by the wedding photographer.

Already dressed for the ceremony, the groom poses for the wedding photographer through a half-open door.

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