The photographer and the rhythms of the wedding


It is that time when the wedding photographers know that things will go to change to complete the party. A half dozen posts behind, I write about the rhythm and those who have it and those who have not, tapping the beat at the sound of music, at the wedding party. Also, I had talked about the difference of this subject from group to group, according to the wedding. To the wedding photographer, finding the differences is always better for the harvest, without that sensation of the already done. It is a risk that never is because what attracts me to this type of photographic coverage are, precisely, the possible recombinations with the change of scenery and people. They never repeat, although the form is the same, the wedding party.

Usually, there are the youngest inhabitants of the wedding that take the command, and the others, from the other side of the line of life, only try to imitate them if they want to beat the beat, even if that beat is not the beat that they like to tap and spin. But, in others, it is exactly the opposite. If the DJ has the knowledge to read the energy of the room and have the sense to tune the beat and the melody, he will have adherents for as long as he wants. So, most of the time, under the attention of the lens of the wedding photographer, a good balance is achieved and it is just let them fly, as light, through my lens full of happiness and joy.

Even if I have the power to predict how things will go on, I am very happy when I fail that prevision. If I hit, I can, hypothetically, let it go and do not want to repeat again the already seen and, if I am wrong, I know that my expecting eyes never let to delight themselves with all the new things they can transform in photos, for the joy of the wedding photographer. But, the problem, is that I can not predict what happens when I hit, and, when I fail the prediction things may be completely different from the expectation I have when I failed. Confused? So do I. What I want to say is that with either situation I find, always, the dots to tell the story that I am there to write. That, I am sure.

Wedding guests dancing on the floor of the wedding party.
Bride dancing in her wedding party.
The bride and a girl friend when dancing.
The groom and the bride dancing in the front of each other.
Child plays in the middle of the wedding guests dancing.
Wedding guest dancing near the the bride

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