The photographer and the right amount, at a wedding


Some photos tell a small story. One of the questions that, sometimes, I try to answer myself is about the number of photos necessary to tell a story in a limited amount of time and in a dedicated space. Probably it will depend on what we observe and execute. Already, in those talks among colleagues, we discussed that several times.

We find those wedding photographers that say they can tell a story, on a wedding day, with a very small, but essential, amount of photos, and on the opposite side those that think they must offer to their clients the most possible variations of the happening around them all day. I, always, found that talk interesting because, in my opinion, each of them was right but with some exaggeration by default or excess.

At the same time, I agree with both. I know, by experience, that I can reduce to a small quantity and not miss the essence of the story, I do that with my albums. But, also, I know that a full world happened, on that wedding day, to be a part of the story. That is why, I consider that we need to find the right amount, the one that contains the essential and, also, the other parts and characters of the story. I do not know if you become enlightened…but it is the opinion, or still the question, of this wedding photographer.

Some photos in the wedding at Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Abóboda, S. Domingos de Rana.

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