The groom, smiling, as he fastens his shirt buttons in preparation for the ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer.

The photographer and the rules of education for a wedding


The groom, smiling, as he fastens his shirt buttons in preparation for the ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer.

 Entering the intimacy of families, in their homes and habits always intimidated me respectfully, since I am a wedding photographer. I know I was invited to be, I go to fulfill my mission to register the mission of others and I will be received the best way possible.

Because I know myself with cameras on my hands, I know that I have some tendency to forget that I am not the most important person there. Just as the steering wheel of a car makes many people lose their minds, the photographic camera transforms me, as some objects do to those characters of the comics superheroes, and, once in a while, I can abuse the confidence placed in me.

I may be like those cats who think they own the place and do not need to report to anyone. If I need to crouch down there, I do not ask anyone, if I need a bench to up the point of view, I go on to find one and not lose precious time with bureaucracies if it is the best for me to almost close the door and let free just a slice of light with the groom in the background, there is no time to please may I and so on.

      This is the punishment I have because the wedding photographer is an obedient unconditional object of use, and abuse, of cameras with lenses attached to them, and, sometimes, I forget the basic rules when we are just guests, even if we are paid for it, at someone house.

But you must understand that is not easy when I have my, or better when I am just a servant of tyrannical lenses that, all the time, are telling me that from that side is better, as you are it is not the best for what we need, see if you squat because I am tired of seeing everything at the same time or, it is time to find some frame to be how I want it.

With one of them, it is best to run out if I do not obey her at the moment, she is able to crack my mind the rest of the day, just because, once, I did not do what she was asking.

     This is just for you to know if, by chance, I will be the wedding photographer from someone reading this article, and do not get me wrong if, here and there, I will not respect, as it should be, one or other rule of the good education, when we are in someones’ house. I let you know that the fault is not mine. But, really, I can not do it another way.

On the other hand, rest assured that, because of what they have of rudeness and bossy, they offer me competence and they know what they do and, if it was not for them and their talent, the wedding photographer could not offer you the best.

Sometimes, even the cameras are amazed about what they can throw into them, and if, one or another time, they feel me hesitate and start to ask please may I…don’t you dare, do what they told you, now. It is true that, until today, I never had a single remark to the wedding photographer from someone with the bride or the groom in preparation for the great day.

Maybe they do not notice me and I am really invisible as I think I am, or they are only polite and pity me for realizing that I am at the service of tyrants, with egos way above what they should. Maybe.

Detail of the groom tightening the laces of his shoes, in a composition by the wedding photographer.

The groom, in his preparation for the wedding, next to his father who is buttoning the cufflinks of his shirt.

Once ready for the ceremony, the groom with two friends and his grandmother who adjusts the flower arrangement on the lapel of his coat, as seen by the wedding photographer.

A portrait of the groom, hands in his pants pockets, looking straight ahead and smiling, taken by the wedding photographer.

The groom's brother and father when they photograph him, when he is ready to leave for the ceremony, captured by the wedding photographer.

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