Three friends of the groom hold him for a photo with the wedding photographer, at the wedding party at the Ponto Final restaurant.

The photographer and the sincerity in weddings


Three friends of the groom hold him for a photo with the wedding photographer, at the wedding party at the Ponto Final restaurant.

   I thought about a way to approach these photos that inspire me for writing, necessary for the blog of the wedding photographer, and my way to honor my clients because of their kindness in taking me with them to find a way to remember the more complete form of their wedding day.

When I was selecting those photos, the mouse had a tendency to the photos, in the slang go the wedding photographers, that were more…photos. The most unusual, with bold compositions, and this wedding with Helena e João was so kind to offer me a lot and more appealing to the eye of whoever, through research or just by chance, leaned over them.

But, at a given moment these photos became so obvious to me that the simplicity and being true inside, as my memory revealed to me.

   It was what we call a small wedding. The smallest the wedding photographer did until now, with getting ready, ceremony and feast.

However, it was not missed with adventures in the going and with the coming out, already told here, and the during was full of conviviality, affection, and genuine friendship that shows itself in a way that a wedding photographer, sharp with the eyes, does not stop a moment finding all the time another one, ready to be picked up to be part of the collection that will accompany this couple throughout their lives.

Usually, those photos are not chosen for the posts and, after seeing them, I still ask myself why not.

   They have emotions, they show a sense of belonging and great joy for being there. That is not what matters when the wedding photographer searches for documents the day. We may say that they are just simple compositions, but they do not show the best ability of the author and the boldness of powerful subjects in compositions for exhibitions in a gallery or those points of view to amaze those who can look at them and ask how that was possible.

But, if we look with some attention, they have what is important. We can see the connection, between those newlyweds and those with them by choice, is firm, powerful, and sincere.

That is what is the most important I have, and need, to show them, to my bride and groom of the day, since they come with the sureness of those bonds, every time they remember them with my photos and feel what they were, sincere. 

If I can achieve that, every time I will go for another wedding day it is because the wedding photographer has done his duty.

I am sure of that.

At the door of the Ponto Final restaurant in Ginjal, in Cacilhas, the bride chats with two female friends, guests of the wedding.
The bride's cake with a couple of engaged dolls on top and the couple's daughter behind, out of focus.
A friend of the newly married couple takes a picture of them with her daughter in their midst, during the wedding party at Ponto Final in Cacilhas.
The groom kisses the hair of a neighbor of the parents, very dear to him, between him and the bride.

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