The bride, the hairdresser and a girl verifying the work on her hair, for the wedding at Quinta da Taipa in Alenquer.

The photographer and the story worth telling, at the wedding


The bride, the hairdresser and a girl verifying the work on her hair, for the wedding at Quinta da Taipa in Alenquer.

   Often, when the wedding photographer meets with his possible clients, once in a while, there is a couple that tells me that they just want the photographic cover from the ceremony.

Usually, I could say, ok, cool, less work to do, I do not need to get out of bed so early and just go, quietly, to the ceremony place, instead of those rushes between the house of the groom to the bride and, from there, to the ceremony. Imagine the amount of energy that I can save. The only thing that matters is to do the job, be paid, spend the least possible energy, and wait for the next one. These should be the first thing on my mind and let go.

   But, it seems that I like to work and are you sure, imagine what you lose, if you want a part of the story stay out and never be told, you must see that everything starts in the morning with the get ready and, after, in the album, it seems that we just start the day at the middle and it is not nice to have a story half-told and with everybody there, helping you for the great day, out of it.

I could, even, have my little inner red devil telling me that I am a fool, I like to have unnecessary work, nobody pays me more, and sleeping more is something that nobody refuses. It is a fact that he doesn’t dare to manifest himself because he already knows the answer. So, he stays in the corner and cringes and huffs but he never opens his mouth because he already knows who the wedding photographer is and there is nothing he can do about it.

   So, usually, I can convince the couple to find me with them for the makeup, hairdressing, dress the dress and suit, and with all those gestures I know I can find there that will make the difference, when the story is, finally, ready by the wedding photographer which gets out, satisfied, finding the warm quietness when he arrives home.

Then, as soon as all those moments have been captured and transformed into photographs and start to pass before his eyes, to begin the second part of the job inside his computer, the wedding photographer is very pleased because it was possible to convince them, to do not let that part of the story outside and deliver them the complete version, that belongs to them and with them will stay to remember better what will remain in their head.

So, it is what it is…

The bride's bouquet next to posters to be displayed at the wedding ceremony.
Bride, sitting while her hair is taken care of, and reflected in a mirror in front of her.
A smiling face of a wedding guest, seen through a French door.
The bride's dress hanging in a mirror frame.
The makeup artist paints the bride's lips, reflected in a large mirror in the living room.

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