The photographer and the surrounds of the session before the wedding


Often, when I combine, with a couple, the session before the wedding, usually called elopement session, I think about all the places but those near my house. It seems that popular saying that says in the blacksmith’s house, a wooden skewer. Really, I confess that I have some places for this session, or because they are beautiful and give me good scenarios or because they have some sort of protection against bad weather, especially, windy days.

So, when the session day is near, a consultation to the weather reports is mandatory to decide which place is better for the session with my couple. Because I am a wedding photographer I like to make a correlation between the sessions, pre and wedding day and have some harmony between, in the wedding album.

Because I like so much, I can tell, to do portraits and being a sort of a frustrated fashion photographer, I find with those sessions the opportunity to give to my fantasies some reality. I know, also, that the way how these sessions will run, will make so much easier the relationship between me and the wedding couple, on the wedding day. So, taking advantage of these spaces near from my home place, I have the liberty to use them well and, after, go with the confidence I need on the day where I will be the wedding photographer, of the… wedding.

Couple during the engagement session talking each other in an old ruins.
Bride and groom with the heads touching and smiling to each other.
Bride and groom walking and laughing.
Couple in an engagement session seated in the ruins of an old army place.
Bride and groom near an ruined army canon.

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