A girl sitting on the floor, among other guests at the wedding at Quinta da Cascata, carefully watches a video about the newly married couple.

The photographer and the sweets he finds at the weddings


A girl sitting on the floor, among other guests at the wedding at Quinta da Cascata, carefully watches a video about the newly married couple.

  Imagine that the wedding photographer is a child inside one of those stores full of sweets, with all sorts of forms, colors, sizes, and smells. Close your eyes and imagine yourselves as one of those children. First, you do not know what to see first, such as the euphoria caused by all those things awakening the senses. You look everywhere and prepare to move in the direction of the colors that call you, as if the child in you has an íman inside, attracting the colors first.  But, after, that smell you know, coming from someplace not discovered yet, makes you hesitate, so you can not move. Finally, the form and shape of the sweets draw in you all your must dearest fantasies on the other side of the room and, once again, your feet do not know where to take you, until it is possible to satisfy all the wishes so profoundly challenged, for which you were not prepared.

  Well, that is how a wedding photographer feels when he arrives at that room where the good food, drinks, and sweets will mix and deliver all the types of delicacies that will attract all sorts of cameras and lenses, tasting all of them in the form of people in a celebration day, honoring those that brought them all there because they love them. After that hesitation moment, just a moment, like the children in the candy store, he, me, walks with fast eyes and starts to harvest and collect all sorts of sweets if the form of moments, kisses, hugs and talk about, inside his bag in the form of a photographic camera. He knows, for sure, when he will be in the quietness of the office tasting them for edition, the crop that, for now, he just detects and grab, will satisfy with pleasure whoever opens the candy box, in the form of a photographic book, the noblest place to show pictures, that was it what it was about.

I already wrote here that, as a photographer, my favorite subject is people. I am able to photograph the landscape with some elegance, know how to compose fruits under the orange light of the candles, and find those photogenic folds in the buildings on the street of the city with all those shapes that seem like imagined dreams but, it is a fact, none of those photos give the emotion I have when I found myself, in the front of me, people interacting with people, doing those things that people do when gathered to celebrate the love of others.

I assure you that, even, if many of those people have had all the pleasure in the world when at the party, doing what they do at the party, not far it was better than mine grabbing their moments and keeping them inside my small bags as if they, the moments, were the most precious sweets of that candy store where the child, after all, it is me, the wedding photographer. 

A guest and a wedding guest, during the wedding party at Quinta da Cascata, talk about the video about the bride and groom they are watching.
During the wedding meal, a young man in conversation with an adult, in the living room at Quinta da Cascata.
Wedding guests sitting in the dining room at Quinta da Cascata, seen through a mirror on the wall.
Leaning on the arms of their chairs, two wedding guests watch the film about the newlyweds during the party at Quinta da Cascata.

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