After the wedding ceremony, the couple laughs to each other, in a moment captured by the wedding photographer in Sintra, Portugal.

The photographer and the time of wedding photographs


After the wedding ceremony, the couple laughs to each other, in a moment captured by the wedding photographer in Sintra, Portugal.

They are the protagonists of a story to be collected by the wedding photographer and read later. After a short time afterward and, also, after many years afterward. It is how I see myself in my motivation to work, on the wedding day. Knowing that what I am doing there will see the light, especially the books where I put all my attention, one day, as in my imagination, a dusty trunk will be found in an attic and my wedding book will be open to descendants, who knows, on the eve of another wedding.

I never see the result of my work, as a wedding photographer, in the short term. Although if we live in a time of fleeting ephemeral, where everything that it is, it was,  I only can see the importance of my work if I imagine it resisting time. That is why I chose a theme, and objective, and introduce my photography as timeless. Probably I will never know if my imagination will be fulfilled, but that gives me the necessary energy to continue returning, every time a new wedding couple wants me. When I see a couple, sitting or standing, on the altar in front of the officiant, I imagine them forever at that moment so important, for them and all surrounding them.

There is an expression for this, which I do not like so much because I do not like so much the cold, used in the photography world. They say that a photo can freeze the happened in time. I think that it is not fair for photography because the frozen can be melted and vanish and I want to believe that a photo can stand so much longer, even if I know that at the top of the big mountains, there is eternal snow. Maybe, that is why I return to photograph, every time I can, in front of the bride and the groom in the process of transformation as husband and wife, so let me the time do and all the presents in this process. Maybe the wedding photographer is a little vain and thinks he is more important them he is, but it is so good to imagine it. Yes, it is.

Couple, at the wedding ceremony, in front of the altar with bouquet in the bride's hand
Bride lowers her head as she listens to the priest, at the wedding ceremony.
Groom almost smiling during the priest's homily.
The groom in conversation with the priest who has his back turned and out of focus.
Sitting in front of the altar, the couple seems to be talking to each other.
Bride reads before putting ring on groom's finger.

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