Bride and groom laughing during a small show at their wedding reception at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, Portugal.

The photographer and the time to laugh, at a wedding


Bride and groom laughing during a small show at their wedding reception  at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, Portugal.

 There is usually a time, known by the wedding photographers, in the wedding time that what is going on is dedicated to the wedding couple, although everyone participates with emotion and joy. There is always a group of friends, or family, that long before this day entertained themselves preparing a game, to the joy of everybody, a storytelling biography of the couple were, most of the time, with surprises unknown by the heroes of the story or some theatrical performance, transforming the party room in a real theater.

So, the wedding photographer will find, in those happenings, a great motif for not being able, also him, to simply enjoy the show and learn something more about the couple that hired him or laughs with whatever might come from the improved stage, with more or less gifted artists. Here, for my regrets, so many things stay not recovered because of the fastness how the laughs flow, haha I did know that, laughing more with the lack of competence of the actor them the joke itself and more and more opportunities, with equal amounts of points of view that, some, must stay outside the photos.

If someone asks me, most of the time, what happened there, what stories were been told, why everybody laugh that much at that moment, or if the dolls were gifted and controlled, simply…I do not have a clue. The wedding photographer has his all attention directed to the reactions instead of the content of the events. Enjoying the tales does not fit his function. I do not care about knowing how to describe the script of the event because, I know for sure, my photos will do it for me. It is for them that I am there and they, at these moments, are everywhere.

Puppet telling a story of the bride and groom at the wedding party.
Detail of puppets during a wedding performance.
Bride and groom hold the puppets after the show at the wedding party.
Three girls sitting and laughing at the wedding party.
Groom hugging his grandfather at his wedding party.

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