The bride smiles, emanating evident happiness, with the trees of Quinta da Serra in Sintra behind her, as the wedding photographer portrays her.

The photographer and the wait for the portrait, at a wedding


The bride smiles, emanating evident happiness, with the trees of Quinta da Serra in Sintra behind her, as the wedding photographer portrays her.

  There is a moment, during the day of the wedding, that makes me start to be a little nervous, looking for the newlyweds and for the sun outside and seeing that it is starting to deliver the light I know that will draw beautiful frames, as this wedding photographer love it so much.

It is already scheduled, but the wedding photographer can not boss the couple and take them away from the pampering of the guests that do not stop to wrap them with nice words wishing them the best, tell them stories from the time they were kids, showing them that they are bonded or to some last-minute adjustment from who is charged to not let the party loose the party time.

   The wedding photographer bites their lip, walks without stopping, go to the door to see if the sun does not decide to go down faster or change the course and make them flee to another side of the light he loves so much or, even, if some bad temper wind suddenly appeared exactly for the wrong side undoing that elaborated hairdressings, so carefully done.

When we have an objective on the way and the moment is approaching, all of us know about our ability to dramatize and feel that everything is against us and our goal is in jeopardy of being finished, as we intended. Well, newlyweds, sun and wind, the wedding photographer does not have any problem with you in particular, but he just wants the three of you to let him deliver the most beautiful result and the best way he can do it. If one of you fails him…

    Of course, all that affliction is only for a moment, that for the wedding photographer was an eternity, as always happens when we have the pressure for what must be done right now. Maybe it is his exaggerated personality that gives him that tension.

But, as always happens, we are ready, let’s go and we have the exact light that I wanted and we can start our photographic walk and do some portraits.

That portrait was the first thing that photography had done, and never let it go away, until the moment that it was my time to do it and turned into such a desire that, sometimes, makes me lose my composure a little when I am just starting to go on with it.

Please, do not make a bad judgment about the wedding photographer in me, it is just because it is stronger than me.

Those things….

In front of the foliage of a leafy tree at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, the bride laughs with satisfaction, in a portrait by the wedding photographer.
The couple, who just got married, inside the foliage of the trees of Quinta da Serra in Sintra, together and smiling.
A portrait of the groom looking to the side, with the wind in his hair and the texture of the branches of the trees at Quinta da Serra in Sintra blurred behind him.
With the atmosphere of the Quinta da Serra forest in Sintra surrounding him, the groom looks straight at the wedding photographer as he portrays him.

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