The photographer and the walking photos, at the wedding


Maybe one of the reasons why I stayed a wedding photographer, is the pleasure I have when I feel myself wandering over there, in the place of the wedding party after the meal, in the middle of everybody, finding a lot of forms of communication between the guests, affections everywhere I move my eyes for, conversations followed with great attention, look how nice is over-there, how much time we didn’t see each other, let me introduce you…and so on, and so on. Only if I do not have a photographer in me, of any kind, I would stay quiet in the corner of the room, seated in a chair, with nothing to do.

It is evident that I cannot stand still with so much appeal to my lenses. Nor would they forgive me, knowing that they would lose all that opportunity to be happy. The worst thing I can do for them is not refreshing all the time the light that goes on through them until the bottom of the cameras, where they are attached when they find all that people so committed to offering them such amount of photos to do. Also, the wedding photographer would never forgive himself if he did such offense to them.

But, I must say, that even if I must, I never do it by obligation. If I was there, even if I was not in an agreement with the wedding couple, it was difficult for me to be there and lose all those photos on those tables transformed into poles of interaction, emotions, and fun. That is why I asked myself, many times if I am there because of a professional commitment, as a wedding photographer, or, only, because of personal enjoyment. I’ve been told that I never worked in my life. Maybe because it is true or someone trying to offend me, with envy. I was not offended and the envy…was not mine.

Guests at the table for the wedding meal.
A wedding guest shows someone else something on a cell phone.
Wedding guest laughs while looking at something we don't know.
The groom with a wedding guest showing him something on the cell phone.
Wedding guest with a girl on her lap reading a book.
The groom in conversation with a wedding guest.
Smiling bride talking to wedding guests.
Two little girls playing at the wedding.
Wedding guests have fun chatting
Boy playing with mother and another girl at the wedding party.
The groom speaks to guests seated at the wedding meal table.
The smiling groom surrounded by guests at the wedding reception.

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