The photographer and the wisdom of composition, for a wedding


One of the most used words in the world of art and, maybe, that what decides if what is in the head of the artist, will become a work of art that wakes up the attention of those before that work, as a result of that first though. If about sculpture, painting, or music, every discussion where that word happens, she will be, for sure, used countless to understand, explain, or only to describe.

As a wedding photographer, I come across her every time I have to decide to catch a photo. It is with her, or because of her, that I will decide where is my best place to be, after a first observation, the right spot and include all the elements of the action I want in it. Because of her, I may decide the right distribution of those elements inside the photo to come. People, furniture, decoration, or just the space must be in place for it to work.

The wedding photographer can not move the things inside those places, so, he must find the right point where he will see everything he wants, completely harmonized and ready to photograph. That choice only exists because of her, that word that must condense all the photographer’s wisdom and, quickly, guide him to the correct decision. So, no photographer, wedding or not, could be it without the composition. How much deep is his knowledge about her, better will be the result of his work.

Bride in the the room just after get dressed and ready to go for the wedding ceremony.
Face of the bride between branches of a tree, in the photo session of the wedding.

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