The bride chats with two guests, after the wedding meal at Casa de Reguengos near Lisbon, Portugal.

The photographer and the words that give photographs


The bride chats with two guests, after the wedding meal at Casa de Reguengos near Lisbon, Portugal.

In my wandering among the guests, as the wedding photographer, already in party time and, probably with rested stomachs, I find, often, moments that call the attention of my eyes but, in fact, they are a call to attentive ears.

I will never know what is being said and heard but it seems, when that happens, that who is in those moments puts himself at ease, as if they were telling me, without saying anything, take advantage, now, because I can not be like that all night. Lucky me, when, after some time, everybody knows who is the wedding photographer.

Fortunately, for me, people like to talk to chords each other. In duo, trio, quartet, and so on, as if they were members of chamber music orchestras. Only, instead of musical chords, beautiful melodies, and harmonies, they do it with words telling jokes, describing adventures, or, only, expressing affection through the words being said.

When I also have the right to listen, I am in a resting moment and I hear the beginning of a tale, I forget, for a moment, that I am the photographer… at the wedding.

But, because I have the gift of quick rest, my quest for the discovery of new conversations, I do not listen or, at least, not wholly, I start again and my lens looks for a voice next to me, for the child telling a childhood story to another child, the bride asking if the guests are well and satisfied for being with her, today.

To all this, the wedding photographer always responds with a click that is heard, but nobody listens. It is as if I’ve gained the gift of invisibility and nobody stops saying a word, because of my presence.

Everybody knows that I am looking for something else, photos, not words.

Two children talking to each other next to the grandmother of one of them, at a wedding party.
Couple of wedding guests chat with another guest.

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