The photographer and those at home on the wedding day


One of the things that I like the most when I start to photograph a wedding day, is to go to the house where the wedding couple is getting ready, to be beautiful at the wedding ceremony and, after, to party when it is party time. In this visit, to photograph as it must be, it is the gathering of everybody there, that fascinates me.

As much as I know that the wedding couple is the most important there, and the main subject of the wedding photographer, all of those that, also, are in place or just passing through to see them before to go, offer me photos all the time and all the possible manner. It is a real gathering with people that love each other and begin to party a long time before the party.

That is why I like very much to go to them where they get beautiful, usually, at the house of the parents. I may have fewer mirrors as at the hairdresser, but I will have more talk about, hugs, looks of love, and, especially, that twirl bustle with the almost crowd over there. That is when, my side of wedding photographer rejoices and does not let me rest for one moment, until the bride goes out, to a race near to his, yet, the fiancé is already impatient because the wait to be husband. I, I will race too…

Bride, between guests, when is being making up.
Two women guest of the wedding, seated, talking when one is being hair dressed.
Bride, in the back, hugging her godmother.
Bride, between unfocused, being in the make up process.

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