The photographer and those gestures on a wedding day


In the wedding day, the photographer find small gestures that attract his cameras and lens before even when takes notice. One of most beautiful is the one where the little flower bouquet is, carefully, placed in the small pocket of the groom coat. It belongs to the groom the same way the big one belongs to the bride. They are tose little things that transform the regular man dressing in a groom. Look, that is the groom, says the neighbors, how do you know that don’t you see the flowers in the pocket?

But the wedding photographer, with time, noticed that placing this group of little flowers, carefully placed, it is much more than just a simple technical gesture. How to do it and the smoothness of the fingers and hands differ from those who do it. With smoothness in the form of a caress if the mother, if proud and precise from the sister, let me see how this can be done by the father or look man, it is good as it is by the brother.

All of them are gestures of affection and love. That is what the wedding photographer is noticing and noting as photos, as it is his duty. I have several times, founded myself forgetting my role and, delightfully, look the gesture. I know, that it is not professional but, at the same time, it proves that I am touched by those things and that is essential to be a photographer that notice what is important to be noticed. That, I have no doubt.

Hands with boutonniere in the coat of the groom.
Boutonniere already in the coat of the groom ,ready to go for the wedding ceremony.

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