The photographer and those who taught him, for weddings


When we are in the profession we love, we try to do everything to achieve the very best as we can, to ourselves and to our clients that believed in us. Having a profession means to deliver, for those who contracted us, only the last best we were able to do. From my part, I always given my body and may soul in the effort necessary for that, but I do not judge myself about the result. I let that to my clients and I am still here after all these time..

I remembered myself that because these two photos that reminded me what the photographers can do, between jobs. I will not go into the commonplace that we are always learning, but it is not a lie. I can’t count the photos I have done with, inside, all the photo magazines that I bought, all the pictures in the museums I visited and, also, the books I read in those between.

It was all those places that taught me. When I photograph a couple, far in the middle of the wood and, after, a single change of lens or, because I went closer and composing a near point of view, I remember how many times I saw that in the movies. It is is a copy? Maybe. All of us, that reshape the reality through the lens we use, brushes or chisels, ended with everything I wrote in the paragraph above. But, also, it is the value we added from our own that will give our identity to the work we do. At the end, it is what really comes from us that belongs to ourselves. That is what I thing as wedding photographer.

Wedding couple in the photo session, inside a wood, with the wedding photographer.
Wedding couple embraced inside a wood, during the wedding photo session.

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