The photographer and those who wait, at the wedding


Those who used to read some posts in the blog of the wedding photographer may believe that the wedding day is some sort of marathon, which it is, and, here and there, with one hundred meters races in an Olympic final, which, also, is. But we have intervals, better, some moments of waiting while the things to the wedding begin with some, while the others wait for their turn.

That is why, after the big race between the groom already ready,  and a bride which I thought was already in an advanced state of readiness, I touch the bell and find her relaxed Fernando we still did not start yet, I am waiting that my mother finish the hairdressing and, only after,  it’s my turn. Do not even think that the wedding photographer will be in a quiet mood with nothing to do. No way. There is always something to photograph and a waiting bride is a great subject. Now waits for the bride for the hairdressing and, after, the bride’s mother for the make-up, now, with the aunt.

So, the wedding photographer does not rest searching the best point of view and find, back there, the mother in observation mode and get quiet under a lamp, looking through his camera until he finds the right moment to the face of the bride, in the makeup process. It is like that. Some will rest, here and there, but the wedding photographer never thinks about that…not even a moment.

Bride seated in the bed while waiting for the make up.
Bride with the smartphone before the make up moment.
Bride being make upped.
Bride, out of focused, in the make up process with her mother in the background.
Profile of the bride near the end of the making up.
Face of the bride with the make up almost done.

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