The bride at the hairdresser as her hair is straightened, seen in profile in a mirror by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal..

The photographer and what he sees in the wedding mirrors


The bride at the hairdresser as her hair is straightened, seen in profile in a mirror by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal..

     Mirrors, again. Please, do not think bad things about the wedding photographer, but I can not find another way to tell what the mirrors are, for me, when I have a camera, correctly attached to lenses, in my hands.

All of you have already seen those dogs that can not see a wheel, either from a car or a bicycle on pedals, and they throw themselves at them as if nothing else in the world matters.

Well…I am, more or less, like this, and, imagine, I do not have my owner telling me to stop. I even have, appears in my texts all the time, but because he does not know a thing about photography, it is impossible that he can understand the wedding photographer when he knows that he can exercise his skills when he sees his main subjects to photograph, brides and grooms when they appear in mirrors.

He yells at me, be careful, do not abuse it, there are more points of view, and you can not take everything the same. Everything the same? Did you see the number of points of view, as you call it but not knowing what is needed to find them and take advantage of them, that a mirror offers me?

   Of course, I know. I am with the wedding photographer all the time and since the first time he was in one, where he goes, I go with him and, in an important part of the day, in the comings and goings that are many during that time, it is him that goes with me, usually quiet and not much of a traveling company, unless to annoy me, you do not know how to go faster I can not arrive at the time the bride is already ready and I can not make the photos I need make sure you do not make a mistake on the way to the church do not make me lose my time because it is a shame to be late, as if it happened once before.

He is a nice person, but since he grabs the cameras in his hands, like the dogs with the wheels, it is only what matters and, with the invisibility he thinks he has when he is photographing, he thinks that nobody sees him and he can do everything to grab a good picture.

     But, however, I must recognize that there is not, and never has been, a reason for the slightest complaint about what he does with the mirrors and about what he then delivers, with what was made there.

There is something special between the wedding photographer and the mirrors and there is no way to avoid that. Neither is a reason. Every time we arrive at a place where the mirrors are with wedding couples, I look and I only see wedding couples and mirrors.

After that, in the end, when we started to select the photos of the wedding day, and my eyes started to see those that were made in the mirrors, I had to hold the paddle and, in a way, be touched by what they managed to do there. He, the wedding photographer, his cameras with lenses and mirrors.

It is, really, a very strong connection that, contrary to what he thinks, touches me inside. That is why I am showing them here and writing about them. But, do not tell him.

In a mirror, the bride seen from the front with the hands of the hairdresser combing her hair, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

The bride smiles, photographed through a mirror as she is having her hair done, as seen by the wedding photographer.

With a round mirror in her hand, the bride checks her makeup, as seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra, Lisbon.

Detail of the bride's necklace, a porcelain walnut with a ruby, in a composition by the wedding photographer.

Bride's face in a mirror, already at home, when her sister retouches her make-up, by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

The bride's sister paints her lips, seen in profile by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

Sitting facing each other, the sister of the bride retouches her lip paint before dressing for the ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra, Portugal.

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