The photographer and what is said at the wedding


It is not the first time that I wrote here about the great pleasure I have photographing a speech, during or after the meal, at the wedding day. Not always I can fulfill my desire, to the wedding photographer displeasure, but, when it happens, we can find the shy father, at least manifesting his proud to be there, in that special moment, the talker remembering all kind of stories with his beloved son, or daughter, the humorist serving laughs to everybody present or the sensitive with a big tear in the eye and unable to say a single word with a just thank you to everybody, which can tell the same of the others with all the resourcefulness and lot’s of words.

But, in this time of speeches, the tribune is not the single subject of the wedding photographer. Running to find the one that are the reason of the speech, it is a great part of the job, if I can reach it in time and my beloved pointing finger does not anticipate, because his intractable nervousness, here they are drinking all the words coming from someone so important to them. Wet emotional eyes with crying tears and next, if the tribuno is versatile, with laughing tears but, all of them, with that emotions so much loved by the wedding photographer.

Probably, this is the moment charged with emotions that, the wedding photographer cameras, can charge themselves and his lens can find during all party. At least, tie emotions. The other ones, more attached to fun, the joy of the dance, hugs and kisses that we do not let go because we never know when we will meet each other, again. The wedding photographer call that the unmissable subjects, I call it abundance, lot’s of abundance just as I like. A lot.

Father of the bride speaking during the wedding party.
Wedding couple listening the speech of the father of the bride.
Bride thrilled and crying after her father speech during the wedding party.
Mother of the bride laughing during the speech of her husband at their daughter party wedding.

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