The bride and groom sit on a bench in the garden of Quinta dos Alfinetes during their session with the wedding photographer in Sintra.

The photographer and what it looks like, at weddings


The bride and groom sit on a bench in the garden of Quinta dos Alfinetes during their session with the wedding photographer in Sintra.

    It is pretending, but…Of course, the photo session I do with the couple at the end of the day, when everybody quieted their stomachs and the shaking of the beat is almost starting with a Dj almost ready, will be a pretend. We will combine some spots that the wedding photographer already marked in the field, in disappearance for a good cause, for a series of reenactments he thinks is perfect for showing them as beautiful as they are and, with that, to keep a record with how they were in that day. It is the custom, the wedding photographer can not live without it and the groom and the bride will pretend that they are models, for an article in a fashion magazine or those with suggestions for weddings, including dresses, suits, make-up, and hairdressing and…you know what.

   Nothing like pretending to look good on a day that, is real. Mister Photographer, as he, respectful, is named when he is called to some need of him, goes away with the conviction that it is really him that will tell the rules, at least in there, since during the rest of the time, he does nothing more than follow what he is given. No one cares about him, feed the vain ego, and thinks that, finally, he also orders something.

     So, leave with the couple, and here I want you like this, over there you will lean against each other like this, right, great smile, look to the bottom, wonderful, give the hands, give the hands and pretend…you see, that you are walking through the garden, which is very beautiful, do not care about them, do not care about them, now you are only mine and I do not share you with anybody, my dear guests, go way to dance, they will join you after this. Well, those directions, are very important and fill the wedding photographer with pride and give him the illusion that he knows about the subject. The couple…pretends, again, yes, we do everything that Mr. Photographer wants and nothing could make him happier. Demonstrating that he is able to improvise, he finds two or three more spots with new poses, when they walk to new scenery and it is done, they can go to their beloved guests, that are waiting to open the dance floor and go on with the party.

    Well, everything seemed that it was, but when the wedding photographer starts to select the photos of the great session he realizes that was deceived. That the pretending was, in fact, a great pretending. He did not even realize they were, actually, having fun with each other, those photographers’ directives only were followed in part and everything was very real, and serious. When they were looking at each other, they were, really, looking at each other, when they were in that place for the portrait with the appropriate lens, how the photographer imagined, they were doing it for each other because nobody can pretend like that, when it was asked to huddle very together at the end of the bench, for that depth effect, you know what, those tricks that photographers do, it was not for the camera. Without saying it, maybe because they were kind to the wedding photographer, they went doing what they always did during the day and from now on. Well, I told them, at the beginning of the day, to not care about me and treat me as if I was invisible. They did it and, after all, they did it well.

In the garden of Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra, the bride and groom smile at each other in a pose for the wedding photographer.

Among the bushes at Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra, the bride and groom facing each other smile passionately, seen by the wedding photographer.

A portrait of the groom, smiling, inside the vines of Quinta dos Alfinetes, photographed by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

Among the olive trees and oleander trees of Quinta dos Alfinetes, the bride and groom embrace facing each other, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

Amidst the oleander trees at Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra, the bride and groom touch noses in a passionate smile, captured by the wedding photographer.

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