The photographer and who is in preparation for the wedding


When I arrive to the place, where the bride is getting ready, not always she is the only center of attention. That is why, sometimes, the wedding photographer have no time to dedicate himself only to the bride, such is the amount of others that belong in the space. To a just simple make up retouch, some more complete work or just waiting that everything must be completed until the moment to go.

But I find always one thing that give me great satisfaction, not just as a wedding photographer. These first act of the process, taking the bride to the altar, belongs to the family, the communion of tasks that includes everyone, that the wedding photographer takes advantage because, one day, my clients need to know that they where not alone.

I found, also, that photographing is not a technical, or aesthetic, act but a communion with what wraps all those moments. If the wedding photographer does not know how to deliver himself into that energy that full all the place, where he is working, he will not, ever, deliver with his photos the truth happened there. I realized that a long time ago.

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