The photographer and who take care the bride, on a wedding at Penha Longa Resort


It is not worth wanting to have another opinion. The bride is the center of the wedding day. The groom has his role, but he can not compete with the bride. She is the princess, the queen that fulfills all the empty spaces. However, the glamorous presence grows with the wisdom of a group of people who, in a very professional way, prepare her to be a bride.

I talk about those professionals that, with the wedding photographer, give the bride and groom the real status they deserve, on the day that belongs to them. I talk about those that spend hours with the bride and do the best they know and, at the same time, they know to listen, to advise, to calm down and, in the end, they leave to let them shine, as it must be.

On the other hand, they give the wedding photographer a hand full of photos that will complete that part of the story of the day. They are not main characters but, without them, it was not the same thing, I could not put my cameras working as they like, let my lens shine, and, importantly, they teach the photographer to be fast in the detection, in the reaction and, especially, in the execution of the photo. They offer me frames as they hugged my characters, allowing a more complete and better story to tell. Thank you very much.

Bride on the mirror hitting the straps of the dress.
Hairdresser applying hairspray on the bride's hair.
Bride receiving the perfume bottle at Penha Longa Resort Hotel.
Bride standing between the make up artist and the hairdresser.

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