The photographer artisan, part one


 The times we live are astounding with what the technology offer to us. As a photographer I am, of course, one of that dazzled of the contemporary days. Because that new things of the, very young, digital technology, with algorithms from the apps that are dictating the lows and rules, give me photographic possibilities inconceivable some years ago. Also because, with childhood only in my memory, I like toys. I am a boy and I like toys.

   However I am not one of that persons that accept  with some enchantment every new technological things and, immediately, I ask myself if this will help me to do better what  I do. And, doing it is what move me. Sincerely I do not have that wow with all new events of technology. 

   But that was just to approach my today´s subject. Since the beginning of the industrial days the most of us get is cent to live doing things completely dependent of the technology belonging to our kraft. Not much things can be done without that and, unfortunately, the freedom to create something that could be called our own. That is why I consider myself a privileged. I can use technology as a tool and, like the old artisans that produced the beautiful crafts to fulfill our yes and our soul and make our existence more light. It is, I assure with humbleness, because I know I belong to a group of few, that I always do my best when someone trust me his wedding day to photograph. Do not doubt even a bit.


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