The groom, in front of the bride, as he puts the ring on her finger at the ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

The photographer at that moment, during the wedding


The groom, in front of the bride, as he puts the ring on her finger at the ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

That moment. That moment that, as it approaches, sends wedding photographers into a near panic and takes us to that strange moment where everything starts and, in the next moment, just happens. By the importance of the moment, the fastness of the moment, the imponderability of the moment, and, especially, the responsibility we must have for that moment.

For those that will witness the moment it is just a symbolic act, the center of everything, the reason why all the galaxy of guests rotate around the wedding couple that will transform them, as if the rings, like in the movies, will have that magical power to transform what it was, bride and groom, in what it is, husband and wife and, especially, in what will be. But for the photographer that photographed the wedding….

  Well, for the photographer the wedding is a vortex of decisions. From where is the best angle, how to be bold and not interfere with the patience of the priest, respect is mandatory, how to be able to escape to microphone making fun of him always in front of the face of the groom, covering the hands of the bride when the magic ring is almost in transfer fo the finger that will carry it as a symbol, forever.

How to make sure to catch that child, charged to bring the rings, that only looks in his direction one single time before the mister priest with his cassock makes her disappear forever of the photographic eternity. It is one of those moments that really matter for the screen, or preferably, for the paper where it will be eternal, with a well-disguised and contained tear of love, but deeply felt.

  The size of the text does not allow it, but I could write an odyssey with chapters and sub-chapters about the adventures and misadventures of a wedding photographer in the ceremonial moment of the rings in front a decorated table with flowers on a wedding day.

Maybe imagination could do it but the talent would run out after a few paragraphs, believe me, that odyssey of the wedding photographer in these moments with rings could become a profound masterpiece of literature from a pen in the hands of a skilled writer about control, attention, observation, challenge, respect, compromise and, above all, commitment.

Of course, I only can talk about myself. But, because we all have the defect of exaggeration when things are about us, maybe, it is not so much like I think it is, and do not worry, because as I said in the beginning, it is fast and we have no time to notice it.

However, I assure you, it is like I live it every time I arrive at a moment with moments that I am not allowed to miss, and, until today, they all came with me.

The groom, in front of the microphone in the priest's hand, swears, holding hands with the bride's, moments before the exchange of rings.
The bride, in front of the groom, at the moment of the oath for the exchange of wedding rings.
The girl with the rings, hand in hand with her mother, on her way to the altar to give them to the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony.
The wedding rings, on a pedestal with a white heart.
The groom receives the wedding ring, delivered by the bride to the front.

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