The photographer at the end of the wedding party


After everything, here comes the dance. On that floor that was waiting for everybody with excitation, as everybody knows, it is the first dance of the couple, with a wedding photographer around, that opens the real party with DJ serving that dance music until the last of the warriors abandon the square and, also him, to pack his tools and start to think how the amplifiers will be placed in the next wedding.

Photographing the guests on the dance floor remember me those action painters, picking their brushes full of ink and, in the front of the canvas, entertain themselves unloading, sometimes with all arms and body strength and other with the delicacy of a small bird, the colors and tones that, in the end, can sensitize eyes used to taste plastic arts delicacies.

With me, a wedding photographer, it is a bit like that at this point. I see myself running between aisles of dancers and finding compositions as if they were choreographed to a show, with them. If some cinematographic camera followed me, I would see that character of the movie, in a forest, running at night chased, or chasing, by who knows what. But, it is just the wedding photographer entertained with his job or having fun, who knows.

Bride and groom dancing the first dance with guests in the background.
Bride and groom dancing the first dance with guests in the background.
Bride dancing for the husband with the two daughters.
Couple dancing during a wedding party in Lisbon.
Father and daughter dancing laughing in a wedding party in Lisbon.
Couple dancing doing joke faces in a wedding in Margem Sul.

Photo of a wedding at Quinta dos Pezinhos no Tejo no Monte da Caparica.

You can see more wedding examples and become with a more complete idea of his work.

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