Bride, among guests, being hugged by a girl friend, by the wedding photographer in Cascais, Portugal.

The photographer at the exit of the wedding ceremony


Bride, among guests, being hugged by a girl friend, by the wedding photographer in Cascais, Portugal.

The wedding photographers know that the wedding ceremony is a ritual very formal, with some steps of its own and that requires some restraint of the moods and states of mind. Let’s say that any of the presents knows that they need to quiet themselves and, because of that, accumulate energy that could be used with laughs, conversations up to date, and small talk, not possible in a wedding ceremony, especially in a church. All of this is witnessed by the wedding photographer, who is the only one with no rest while it lasts.

Because of that, at the moment the church door opens again, this time to let everybody out, I find a spill of energy that throws berries of rice in the air which fall like a rain of blessings and good wishes on the bride and the groom and colorful flower petals for the future, always very happy. That is what wish them, all those who opened that aisle of love, with hoorays for the wedding couple, challenges of those who rise above the grains of rice higher, and the softer kisses of the petals.

After, well, after they are the wishes from any of the presents at the wedding for each one and both. The wonderful words that the wedding photographer will catch but can not save to be heard later, over and over again. Sorry, he is just the photographer and does not know how to catchwords. It is up to him, however, to take with him all the smiles, the hugs, the delights, those eyes almost closed with such happiness that talk more than any word. They, also, have the advantage of being able to be revisited at any time, from there. That is due to the presence of the wedding photographer who does not miss one of all those affections in quantity, quality, and in such a short amount of time.

The bride and groom as they leave the church, with guests showering them with flowers.
A friend of the bride hugs her as they leave the church.
Groom being hugged by guest.
The bride receives greetings from wedding guests, in front of the church.
Groom, looking happy, receives a hug.
Bride chats with wedding guests before leaving for the party venue.

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