A little girl hands the rings to the bride, along with a boy, the groom and the priest at the ceremony at the Church of Nossa Sra. of the Assumption in Enxara do Bispo.

The photographer at the most important moment of the wedding


A little girl hands the rings to the bride, along with a boy, the groom and the priest at the ceremony at the Church of Nossa Sra. of the Assumption in Enxara do Bispo.

  Those smiles. I have the habit, in that precise moment when I am a wedding photographer, of wishing to the ether that those smiles, with a very important reason to exist, never vanish all along their life, even if they will find many reasons why this does not happen, sometimes.

It is, in fact, a privilege to be able to watch these smiles, those I like very much, those that make those little wrinkles in the corner of the eyes and assure authenticity. I only regret not being able to watch them since the moment they start to stretch their lips a bit later will kiss another lip, after the priest orders them to do so, and then start the closing process of the eyes, creating those beautiful wrinkles that, out of this circumstances, we want them far away and late.

By obligation of functions, all the process must be taken for those who want to study it deeply but, by testimony and study of the wedding photographer, a smile that is worthy and trustful must be wrinkled.

   Those gestures. The wedding photographer has written here that we can find several kinds of gestures that he finds on wedding days.

I am not repeating them here and I will stick to those that call my attention today. They are mandatory, they are the fundamental part of the ritual to seal the yes that was sworn a few moments ago, and they will implement the symbols that will bond them and identify them wherever they are and whoever they are.

Those symbols are so important that they must be carried by special messengers to transport them and deliver to who will bless them and, in its turn, he will deliver them blessed for good omens and shows the certainty of the new bonds that were wanted, from this moment on.

   Those moments. Most of the time as the chronicler of the wedding day, the photographer has the liberty to wander inside it, searching for his moods, and the combinations it may offer to transform them into photographs, and, very few are the times when his liberty of choice for observation limited to him.

But, at the ring moment with the already sworn yes he can not, by no means, be the TV show host who, suddenly, forgot the topic he was going to address.  Simply, at this moment there are no excuses and, even the wedding photographer is a subject of the imponderability that can happen every time, even here, and already been described with the truth and the usual exaggeration of the scribe of the wedding photographer.

Although these moments belong to a rolling that the photographer does not master, he knows that if he does not take them with him, we never understand the reason for the photos taken before it and all the others after it.

In the same way that for the couple it is a fundamental moment, for the wedding photographer it is the link necessary for the whole story to make sense.

The interior of the Church of Nossa Sra. da Assunção in Enxara do Bispo with the bride and groom, the priest and, behind them, all the family members and wedding guests.
Between the altar table and the priest's robes, in a composition by the wedding photographer, the bride and groom, seated, listen to the priest during the ceremony.
The bride's hands removing the wedding rings from the floral arrangement that brought them, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.
Next to the priest, who holds the base, the groom and bride remove the rings for the ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Portugal.
The bride, smiling, receives the ring given by the groom, together with the priest, seen by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

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