The photographer attention at the baptism


We can find, also, moments in the baptisms. In spite of, usually, the baptisms do not have the size of the weddings, the approach from the photographer does not have a great difference. The baptism photographers do not work differently and their attention to the moments, those little pieces of time that are in every place and are a delight for the photographer and, next, for the viewers.

Every time I go as a baptism photographer, my attention to the details, from what is happening, is more focused on the manifestation of affections because they are directed to someone with no ability of choice. That is why my attention to gestures and looks with the fastness I can deliver, because children do not work in slow motion and they are the main concern of the baptism photographer. 

How could it not be, any baptism photographer is, also, thrilled by everything around the child. Kids bring that added emotion that captivates and attract everybody around and the photographer could not stay out. That will be noticed in the photos that he found during the event.

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