The photographer attentive to what children do at weddings


I think the wedding photographers must have some principles that give them the notion for what they can photograph, or not. I have, as a principle, to use the less possible the photos, I have done, with children, here in the blog. But, as everything in life, sometimes, some principles must be a bit relativized, not the fundamentals of course, when they, children, give me those moments that no photographer, wedding or not, could resist in the picking up and, after, in the look it was made by me.

Although they are, always, a minority in the guests of the day, the children offer to the wedding photographer great opportunities in situations that put my lens in delirium, if I do not use them in the catching of those, mandatory, moments. It is stronger than them, the photographer and his lens. We may find many reasons, but it is always those things that only children can compose, outside the usual, that call for the attention to photograph.

The wedding photographers, as the others, have a special attraction for those things that it seems that are out place or, as we say, “out of the box”. The usual it is only usual and does not have that appealing. But children have the ability of being inventing different things all the time, and if I let my lens alone, doing what they want, they do not stop finding kids walking near them in the form of light to delight, after, parents when they look for those moments in the form of photos. For the wedding photographer, nothing better than find a wedding full of kids doing what they do better: photos. I will never loose one of them.

Two boys, in a wedding, with dark glasses paying attention to a smartphone.
It is one of those things that comes irresistible for the wedding photographer when, for the corner of the eye, he detect them.
A small boy at the wedding table looking attentive for what is happening.
Someone attentive for something far, during the wedding meal, is an obligation to photograph. If it is from a child it is irresistible.
A boy with glasses and hand around the mouth giving attention to a game elsewhere.
Once more a photo that was offered to the photographer servicing the wedding. It should not be lost.
The groom and the bride with hand in hands during a game in the wedding party.
The wedding couple waits for what is coming in the game. What game? It is not important, they, yes.
The wedding couple paying attention to the guests in the wedding party.
Paying attention to their guests is always a pleasure from the newlyweds, as we can see.
Two little boys giving grace with glasses in the hands, during the wedding meal.
Two little boys imitating, and learning, the rules of living in celebration with the adults. The wedding photographer could not let it lost.

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