The photographer before departure, for the wedding ceremony


The wedding photographers watch those moments of it is time to go now, just wait a little bit, the car is already there, just one more photo, let me retouch the lips. It seems that these final moments have a glue that does not let go, and with the sensation that something is always missing to do and, at the same time, some vortex call to go to the main reason of all that bustle, the wedding ceremony. Because I am a witness, and chronicler, of all that, I never feel tired of watching those chaotic and fast moments, just before to go.

 The wedding photographer must be one witness and have, absolutely, no interference and do not distort the truth of the story, but…he has, also, the obligation to show the bride, gorgeous, ready with all his graciousness and, as a photographer, from a wedding or not, he knows that he must stop the twirl and just one there, here is fantastic, very good in there and…just one more here. There is no escape. It’s in his soul.

 Yes, that is true, also the wedding photographer, here and there, jump inside the story of the wedding day and, maybe, for total respect with the truth we must have another photographer photographing the wedding photographer photographing the wedding. I see. It’s an exaggeration, but…All right, too much imagination and some vanity in the middle, that does not look good. It was just…. 

Bride retouching her lips before going on for the wedding.
After the dress dressed the bride is ready for the ceremony in a full body photo.
Bride being helped by her father, in the car for the wedding ceremony.

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