The photographer, changing moments and a wedding ceremony in Cascais


Every wedding photographers know that after the entrance of the bride and groom in the church, or even in the civil ceremony, and when they seat themselves in front of the officiant they may stay, in some way, alone. If you think of them with glowing smiling happy faces, you are wrong. The nerves, usually for those who are changing their lives in a glimpse with a yes, are almost exploding because the emotion, the place, the presence of the institutional priest are more or less strict, and all those people behind them are very focused on that moment.

After the wedding photographer registered the glorious entrance, especially for the bride, the state of mind before the altar increases the natural anxiety of these main characters. I am writing about the church wedding because the civil one is more… relaxed.

That is why the photos taken during those moments, with the ceremonial respect that is expected, do not have great joy and laugh moments unless the servicing priest is a joke person and likes to lighten the ceremony. We can find them, also. But I must say, as a photographer witness, those moments of some introspection, contention, or some anxiety, which go away in the exact moment after the yes, are a great subject for the wedding photographer with the same interest as the other moments of joy. Everything goes on, but, as we know, the wedding photographer’s photos will stay and tell the tale as it was.

Some photographies of a wedding ceremony at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção in Cascais.

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