The photographer chooses the wedding photos


I like very much the ability of the English language to create new words, or just join two, to give a clear idea of what we, really, want to transmit. I am thinking about highlighting. Many times, here, in my blog, I want to do that with just some photos. But, when I try to translate that into Portuguese words I can not find the right word to say that. What I want to show is, randomly, some photos from a wedding that just touched my eyes when I was looking for them, in the whole of the wedding photographic work. I do not know if they are the best, probably not, because the criterion was, simply, like them at that moment. This is a highlight.

I must say that, usually, this is my way when I need to find a group of photos for some purpose. Whether here or to show someone my work. Instead of studying all the details of the photo such as the composition, the light, the expression of the faces inside, and so on, I notice that when more photographer I am, to choose the photos, the more complex the process is. This is because, like him, I start to be more critical and I always find a reason to exclude that and that and that because…and at the end of the process, maybe no one was alright to be my representation for the eyes of the possible interested in my work.

So, when I need to choose the photos, I forget completely who made them. It was him, the wedding photographer. Now, it is just someone that has some pleasure seeing them. It seems that I use the method that everybody uses, I pick them up because I like them or they tell a part of the tale I want to show. They have their own mood, the energy that appeals to the senses, and even the flavors we can find inside a glass of wine.  I never do a technical appreciation when I go find the photos for the blog. I want to forget the wedding photographer and just be the one who enjoyed what he did so hard.

The couple after the wedding ceremony at the photo shoot.
The couple after the wedding ceremony at the photo shoot.
Girl laughing while playing with the bride and two other wedding guests.
Wedding guests take a selfie.
Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake.
Bride and groom among guests after the wedding cake is cut.
Groom and bride see a photo on a guest's cell phone.
Little girl on her grandmother's lap at the wedding party.

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