The photographer coming by boat, from the wedding


Maybe, it is not easy to find wedding photographers with an adventure like this. If in the last post I wrote about the going on for the wedding of Helena and João, which was an adventure, the coming back was something epic. Remember that this wedding photographer has a tendency for exaggeration. However, I must say that was, really, a great adventure for me, because having my feet on the floor of a rocking boat, let them be so nervous that they only think about having something heavy and still under them, again. If I was not challenged by my duty, I would have preferred to travel by land. I am glad that the wedding photographer took the decision. If it were me…

After crossing from the small boat to the big one, on that rainy afternoon, as it was all day, and waves terrifying who, at the very least, feels out of standing when he doesn’t have a hard surface below him, the wedding photographer felt himself with a courage that he did not know where it was hiding and begin to fulfill his duty to tell the story, until the end of the day, never thinking that he would brag about it, so long after. I know, a wedding photographer being scared with boats in the water, no problem when I am out of them, he is, also, I told it here often, enough vain to take advantage of the adventure and boast about it.

But the important is not the wedding photographer. He must be the most invisible possible and, in no way, be the protagonist during the tale being photographed, and tell later. I would arrive home very unhappy with myself if, because of some nausea or something else, I had not completed the final page of the story. I know, for sure, that Helena and João were very happy about my courage, that they never knew it was, and they will have that chapter when telling the story of the day of their wedding, with the photos I did. That, I know. 

Bride with two rubber duckies with the wedding date.

Bride throwing a rubber ducky into the Tagus with the wedding date.
The bride helps the small boat to dock with the larger boat for the trip to Lisbon.
Wedding guests seated on the boat en route to Lisbon.
Guests standing on the boat to Lisbon.
Bride sitting with guests on the bow of the boat that takes them to Lisbon.
Smiling bride during the boat trip to Lisbon.
Bride wrapped in fog returning to Lisbon by boat.
Wedding guests getting off the boat that brought them to Lisbon.
Bride in the midst of guests and family when they arrived in Lisbon.

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