The photographer, covid 19, the bride and the will to photograph


I should be living my frenzy time, as usual at this time of the year. As a wedding photographer, my profession is very seasonal and, now, it is normal starting a new cycle that should be around for the next months. After some calming the start over is always a period of frenzy, expectation, and that sensation of starting over again.

Unfortunately, this year, everybody had that surprise, one of those that made nobody smile, as we like surprises do. A very small bug decided to confuse our lives, and prevent us from doing what we should do, bride and groom get married and wedding photographers photograph them. But that did not happen, in every way, the frenzy of this wedding photographer did not fade, and, as usual, at the right time that intensity and desire to give that joy to my cameras and lenses, already tedious about short days and the lack of batteries.

Like this, on the day that should be some couple’s wedding day, I heard, loudly, my cameras and lens shouting out, to their wedding photographer, that they were tired of doing nothing and forced him to find in the house the most thing appearing to a bride, a groom and an environment suited for a session as we, usually, do in a wedding and, always, a great joy for all of us.

The best thanks to the couples that believed in us in the past and to all those that will come in the future. It will not be a wretched virus that will prevent me from being, with all joy, a wedding photographer again with the help of my cameras and lens. Even if it is faking, here comes. 

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