The photographer dressing photos, in a wedding


Taking advantage of all things that surrounding the characters in a wedding day is an essencial tool for the wedding photographers. When we leave, only with our cameras and lens, to an event cover that happen in several spaces and each one is a different chapter of the story so that in the end we have the romance ready to print, we need to use every elements we find at our disposal.

I wrote here about my obsession with mirrors, but we may find other elements that can be used as a support, reflection or a succession of plans to dinamize how the photos present themselves to the eyes. Those elements prevent that we avoid a serie of boring photos without dynamic energy.

That is why as soon as I arrive, to any of these spaces, my first action is to verify all those things in place, helping me to leave with me more creative and imaginative photos that do not repeat themselves and, at the same time, be interesting to the eyes. Being wedding photographer is more than just photograph. We must need to be a sort of a tailor who knows how to dress, instead of people, photos.

You can see some wedding examples and leave with a more complete idea of my work.

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