The photographer feelings


Without a doubt that everything done until now will flow to this moment. It is the apex of the angle. It is the first tempo of the play about the life of two persons that point to the yes and the rings sealing that endeavor.

The second tempo start just after and it is time to celebration, feast and the deliver to the other, maybe uncertain, part of life together, but the most interesting. That is funny, because when wedding photographer I always notice the same kind of tension breathe relief since the second of the two yes is pronounced. It seems that this act discharged an accumulated energy that need  relief noticed in the bright eyes trusting the wished future.

It is when I edit the photos, that I did in the wedding day,  I found that what I felt, just as a sensation, was very truth. The process of photographing a day of events, that can not be repeated, it is very tense to the wedding photographer. All the energy and concentration is pointed in the viewfinder of the camera that, most of the times, his memory of the day come from that bright rectangle where life happens. When he come back to the places, trough the photos in the computer, all that feelings come to him giving sense to those photos, to his work. It is like that with a wedding photographer.

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