The photographer finding what to photograph in the wedding day


Several times, I verify that when I find one photo to do, another, at the same time, delights my eyes. Sometimes I regret the decision and I lose some special moment and others, maybe with the help of my prankish little angel’s friends, which I wrote about, I am rewarded and take with me what we call two by the price of one.

I explain. I was about to prepare a photo with the baby when I noticed that in the room everybody was in a perfect position to a photo, already posted here, impossible to let go of. Coming back to the baby, he no longer was as I saw him at that moment earlier. But, my prankish little angels helped me once more. Grandmother comes near the baby, with the sounds that babies love so much, mama look at him proudly and I have another composition to not let go.

The wedding photographer is happy, takes advantage, and goes on. Later, in the quietness of trimming photos, he noticed that it was a good catch. Those two photos moved to a new home, with the new owners. There are those findings that feed, to always coming back, the wedding photographers.

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