The photographer for the next part of the wedding.


After the ceremony is concluded, all the tension involved in it, with the couple, is vanished and here we go to be leaving to another place where the word is party, with everything with it. However, we still have this little piece of time needed to link between the two spaces, the Church, on this one, and the Quinta where a nice meal is waiting for everybody.

In this small amount of way, and time, the wedding photographer just needs to complete the story that will be told to someone traveling through the book that will come to life, based on this day. The bride and groom, which they are not anymore, start the first decisions as a couple even if it is only about how to carry the diploma, offered by the nice priest moments ago, after the wedding ceremony.

Also, all the guests rush because they have some way to do and the curiosity of the child must be restrained, because self-respecting guest never enters the party place after the couple, even if some of them does not worry too much about that. Those are the stories inside a photo. Or, just one can tell a little piece of the tale or another one can tell you who stays, who needs to decide and what to do, and who is in rush to arrive elsewhere. That is photography, always a storyteller.

Wedding couple and guests in the front of the church before leaving for the party.

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