The photographer for those who deserve it, in a wedding at Nazaré


One of the most attractive subjects for the wedding photographer, or any other that like to photograph people, are the children. There are countless the pictures with children, in the places where they are promoted. Really, every time children are present in the event it is impossible that, here and there, the wedding photographer does not point his lens in their direction.

Finding a group of girls finishing their preparation for the big day and, specially, just before going to the ceremony  with the commitment, the grace, the ability to challenge lens from some and the shyness from others and the way how they use the space are an uncontrollable decoy to any wedding photographer present in the rush for the place of the yes, I accept.

Although the photographer’s attention must be for the wedding couple, here, the bride and everything what is happening with her, every time he looks and see a composition, with girls inside, it is impossible to not take advantage. There is a grace inside that a group of boys will never be able to match. Of course, the wedding photographer will take advantage to photograph every group that is able to prepare one becoming photo, appealing his lens and cameras. In these moments, where the girls. And it was worth it.

Little girls being prepared for the wedding by their mothers.
Three little girls, in the stairs, waiting for the departed for the wedding ceremony.
Little girl peeking, at the end of the stairs, waiting for the bride before going for the wedding.

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