The photographer, form and content at the wedding


I must say that one of the pleasures I have, as a wedding photographer, when shooting allows me to change, with the use of my lens, the visual sensation from what I am capturing but, at the same time, does not alter the truth of what is happening. My training, all over these years, in the act of capturing, was very focused on that possibility. Being able to encapsulate the main subject to be photographed, a face, full-body ou, even, a decorative piece with some distortion, I like to call it cloud, which brings us the main subject in a special kind of view.

However, I must be very careful and not alter the truth of the content. I can not photograph the bride, in the get ready, and, by the use of the form, give it a completely different notion of what she is doing, where she is, and the reason why she is there. Tell the story with truth is the main reason of the wedding photographer.

That is why the use of the elements that surround the main characters is one of the first “helpers” that the wedding photographer seeks since he will arrive where the action takes place. I may say that my best friends there are the lamps, more or less interesting, big, medium or tiny mirrors, hairdresser lacquer bottles and everything that allow me to do like those children who think they are hiding, even if they only have their eyes covered with some object. As long as my lens knows how to transform, creatively, all those things as some sort of clothing for photos, I do not stop using them. It is a great challenge.

Head of the bride surrounded by out of focus when being hair dressed.
The colar of the bride for the wedding day.
Head of the bride behind a lamp in the preparation for the wedding.
Half bodied bride, between out of focus, and laughing.

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