The bride sign the wedding official papers next to the groom, out of focus, viewed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

The photographer in a peaceful wedding


The bride sign the wedding official papers next to the groom, out of focus, viewed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.
So that it is written down and no one questions it. The pen that signs and the ring that shows it. So there is no doubt. The wedding photography confirms it.

In this passing my eyes on weddings, already with some time on them, because of the pandemic that hits us, I am writing this in January 2021, I can not leave behind some photos of a wedding, that happened in Lisbon, with a wedding couple coming from far-away Poland for, with any fanfare, to swear to each other a yes I do, in our beautiful city. There, they discovered this wedding photographer who was delighted to be with them on that sunny morning, in the embassy of their country.

Really, I could not find a better word to define the mood where everything happened: tranquility. Without that bustle that used to surround the wedding couple, with those smashing entries between flower arrangements and red carpets, Paulina and Kuba, delicately, lived the wedding ceremony they chose under the watchful eye of the wedding photographer.

Those things, that have the tendency to bring out the emotional side of the people, do not leave the wedding photographer untouched for them. Their state of mind is not the subject of an article in his Blog, because he is never concerned about the wedding day, but I need to say that the tranquility, and delicacy, deserved an award with a walk with them on the streets of Lisbon, not scheduled, photographing, of course.

As a storyteller, as I am, I could not leave a half-told tale, after that long journey to a such beautiful place. So, after lunch, we gathered in Lisbon when the light was the sweetest, and, walking in the streets, we wrote that chapter to complete the story, the subject for another post.

Bride seated when waiting for the wedding ceremony.
The moments before the important happenings are a very important subject for the wedding photographer. There is always an apparent serenity between the seated bride and the nervous hand of the groom, standing.
Bride and groom in the celebration wedding table with officiant.
The moment confronting the main reason why here. Just before the ceremony that will change Paulina and Kuba came from Poland to get married in Portugal.
The groom puts the ring on the bride's finge.
The symbolic gesture. The ring will stay forever as a symbol of love and mutual compromise. Maybe one of the wedding moments that give the wedding photographer nervosity because of the importance of the moment and the fastness of it and the impossible to let go.
Wedding guest offer flowers to the bride.
In the same way, we had a simple ceremony, the beautiful gesture of gifting some flowers is a fantastic reason for the camera to save the beautiful moment.

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