The photographer in search of emotions, at weddings


It is a word very present in the posts that I write, and in the articles on the blog of the wedding photographer. Also, it walks between words in many people’s conversations, when they describe an event where they have been. The novels, the movies, the tv series, or, even, the tales we tell are full of them and give the consistency to make us adhere to, and absorb, them until the end. Even, our own life would be very empty without it.

Emotion. I find it, constantly, from the moment my cameras and lenses bloom out of the bag that brings them the way, to the first place where they start to fulfill the reason why they went there. I find it in the faces, in the eyes, and in the hands. I find it in the words and, especially, in the voices that, because of it, sometimes, have no voice. Because my lenses do not know how to photograph words, in the form of sound, wisely, they detect, always, in the faces that project them, a translation that anyone who looks at them, the photos, knows exactly what was being said, thought and felt.

Maybe, my attraction to emotions led me to be a wedding photographer. We never know, for sure, the main reason why we go for the things, or why we stay there, as I did here, on the wedding days. But, if I try to find a reason for it, the search for emotions was certainly one of them. I was with many years in the profession when I found them, at a wedding that I photographed, accidentally, and I was never able to look the other side, again. I discovered, better, I found that they have such importance in there, that it is worth using a part of my life to discover and carry them, forever, inside the photos I photograph.

Bride and groom being embraced as they leave the Church, after the wedding ceremony.
A guest at the wedding hugs and kisses the bride.
The groom being hugged by a guest at the end of the wedding ceremony.
Bride, emotional, in the midst of guests leaving the wedding ceremony.
Groom playing with a child as they left the ceremony.
Groom hugs wedding guest as he leaves the church ceremony.
Bride laughing among guests as she leaves the wedding ceremony.

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