The bride dancing with her brother, who has a rose in his mouth, during the wedding party at Quinta das Riscas, seen by the wedding photographer in Setubal.

The photographer in Setúbal and memory in weddings


The bride dancing with her brother, who has a rose in his mouth, during the wedding party at Quinta das Riscas, seen by the wedding photographer in Setubal.

   It happens, to me, sometimes, when I am editing and transforming the photos in a way to, finally, can call them mine and know that someone who sees them around, looks at them, and recognize them as this one from the wedding photographer, I stop and think how the hell I picked up this one. You may think why, if he is the photographer that was in the place, chose the spot to catch this and that one, decided between this one and the other one that was already going away and vanished forever, now is telling me that do not know how he takes it. Well, I started to say that it happens and it is true. You must understand that the photographs, in a wedding, ride with such speed that the wedding photographer can not have the luxury of having time to think well let me know how to catch that one over there, I will go through here and hide behind those people to make a nice frame and when the photo least expects, it is mine. He did that, when he started this move with a couple of preparation early in the morning, ceremonies at noon, and partying the rest of the day.

     The problem was that the photographs run away from him all day and when he was ready to press the shutter button of the camera, they were already in another place and nobody could see them anymore. Of course, it was a frustration. The wedding photographer had to change his method to be quicker so they won’t laugh at him. It seems that some of them were having fun escaping from him, even though they knew that no one would know that they had been there, some of them do not care about it. Photographs things. Now, what I am going to do, what method am I going to find to not get the story with so many holes? One day, I thought of a martial arts documentary that I had seen some time ago. It seems, because I never tried it, that they train so much, so often, and in such a way that, when they need to use what they learned, they do not have to think about what to do, every part of their bodies knows the response, without the owner of those parts having had time to think about it.

    Well, if it is good for them, it must be good for the wedding photographer. So, I started my work. Outside the weddings and training, yes, I also do it to teach myself, my cameras, and my lenses, and inside them where I started not to give a truce to those who insisted on fleeing me there. What is good is that it begin to work, every time I was getting faster in the reaction, quicker to their observation, and pointing the lens flawlessly. They, the photos, at first, were very disappointed that they could not run away from me anymore but, with time, since they recognize that they could stay forever and reappear every time someone want to see them, they started to make a party with that, for my great joy. Now, you can understand why, sometimes, I can not remember what I did to catch that one, how did I manage to get into that nonexistent hole in the floor to get that point of view, or how I made a courtship to get inside that wall and allow the wedding photographer that impossible frame. Well, you have to conform to it. Ask him how it was, you can, but if he does not know, you know why. But that he made them, he did.

Seen by guests blurry and from the back, the bride and groom enter the room of the wedding party at Quinta das Riscas clapping their hands, by the wedding photographer.

Seated at the table for the wedding meal at Quinta das Riscas, the bride and groom look at each other.

The father of the bride with arms outstretched celebrates the bride and groom just before the start of the wedding meal at Quinta das Riscas.

During the wedding feast at Quinta das Riscas, a mother tenderly kisses her baby son in the hair on her lap in a composition by the wedding photographer in Setubal.

A wedding guest hugs his sister's face during the wedding party at Quinta das Riscas, seen by the wedding photographer in Setubal.

A boy with a colourful turban looks in awe at something going on in the wedding party at Quinta das Riscas seen by the wedding photographer.

A couple of wedding guests laughing, sitting, photographing something in front of them in the wedding party taking place in Quinta das Riscas.

Bride in sunglasses dances in front of guests at her wedding party at Quinta das Riscas seen by wedding photographer in Setubal.

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