Before leaving the car for the wedding ceremony, the bride in a moment of great introspection, with bouquet in hand, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

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Before leaving the car for the wedding ceremony, the bride in a moment of great introspection, with bouquet in hand, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

     That restless serenity. I notice, even in the photos that resulted, that, usually, I see in the faces of the main actors involved in the great choreography, but truthful, that is the wedding day, a certain sensation of restlessness that makes them laugh on a certain way or, even, sometimes finds them as when we are between something really, but really, important.

They are not faces of doubt, but expectations. Feel that they are participating in something very special and that must happen exactly as they always dreamed of. Maybe, that is why the wedding photographer also feels a certain compulsion that impels him to discover these faces, because, in the others, who are there, I only find lots of joy and smiles.

They are rare, those that assure those photographs that will make the difference, in the middle of all the others that are playing around all day, in that precise moment, that it is one of those that the photographer knows it must be it, or it will be lost forever. Those are precious.

    Whether in brides or grooms, sooner or later they are there. The wedding photographer already knows that, if he is attentive, they will appear and can not escape him, because all the others he will meet will not be understood without them. They are the ones who show us, later in the photographs, that it was important.

You may ask, but why, on a day of the feast, you will find those introspective faces as if the eyes were looking back at them or at another place only viewed by them? Yes, but it is that way. Of course, with time, I was trying many explanations about it and it must not be so different from what I thought it is.

Or they are anxious about the moment to say yes, they want, they accept and in a glimpse, they are free of the anxiety of the important moments, all right, it is done. Or, also, they are trying to do a thing that, unfortunately, is not possible, neither for them nor for everyone who has married before them, since the beginning of the world, nor those who will do it until who knows when.

      Let’s agree that, if it was possible to guess how it would be after the yes, it wouldn’t be much fun. Knowing, in a glimpse, what life would be like after that, would prevent it from doing as it should, on top of what it was, deciding when it is, and planning what will be.

It is like that and it can not be otherwise. And what privilege does the wedding photographer have to observe those faces, those moments, even if he will never know the reason why? He is not the priest that will be married’s them,  the godfathers and godmothers that will swear that they will be for them to laugh and cry, and, also, not the parents who, in their own way, also offer me those faces. I am only the catcher of emotions that I like to transform in photographs.

     And it is not a little thing. Imagine that those emotions, those faces, were lost forever and with no one to remember them. That they will vanish in some way and there was no story to remember them, either because no one else has seen them, besides the photographer, or because in people’s memory, time, everything takes.

But, he, the wedding photographer was there and will be, every time, even in the glimpse, they, the faces, appear charged with them, the emotions. 

Ah!!… After the ceremony of the yes, wherever it may be, I never see them like that again. Go find it why.

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