The groom looks at the bride sitting on the steps of Café paris in Sintra, before they enter the dining room for their wedding dinner, as seen by their wedding photographer.

The photographer in Sintra in the midst of the cacophony, at weddings


The groom looks at the bride sitting on the steps of Café paris in Sintra, before they enter the dining room for their wedding dinner, as seen by their wedding photographer.

     What all of these people are talking about? I do not know and I do not care about it. Maybe about their life, about what they had been doing since the last time they saw each other, about some project that did not work and the next one in the project, look when I got married…well, I did not even remember that…you know that one of…really?

I can not believe it….well, maybe it was like that…are the pieces of conversations that the wedding photographer catches here and there but, as you can understand because his duty is another one, he never knows, he does not want to know about the context, how it was the beginning or how it is the end. That belongs to the guests who, when they get together tell their tales.

To the wedding photographer, it is more of a cacophony that seems more like those orchestras, when they are warming up for the concert, which is completely different from the symphony when they are all of them tuned. With the guests, if we do have the gift of zooming with the ears, it is more like before the concert, it seems that they are warming up the vocal cords for some speech ahead.

   But, do not think that disturbs the wedding photographer. No way, please, talk, do not stop talking, tell stories, exaggerate the importance, invent things in the middle to make them longer, since you tell me about it I remember…yes, you too.

Well, those moments, usually before the meal of the wedding, while they are offered canapés and some liquors to open their appetite, or delays as I prefer, I have such a number of photos that they offer me, everywhere I look around, that I do not have a moment to bored myself, wishing that some appear and chase it until I have it saved inside my camera. And I have faces, you know that faces, for any photographer that has the mission to grab them, are an attraction that can not be misused.

I never feel that time goes away and, even if it was stretched as I asked for, it always seemed to me, in the end, very shriveled, such would be the harvest that, yet, was being offered to me.

     It happened to me, sometimes, to have a tantrum and behave like a spoiled child whose favorite toy was taken away because it was time to do something else.  Of course, nobody notices it but, inside, it is not right, I still have lots of photographs claiming that they want to come with the wedding photographer, shouting to my favorite lenses, all of them, look at me, look at me here and you decide to close all that and place everybody elsewhere where, for sure, I do not have this plenty.

But it is a tantrum that goes away very fast because people who love jokes, stories, and laughs do not leave them just because they change places. So, the wedding photographer goes away with them and, fast, will start to listen, again, those little pieces of them, about which he does not want to know anything because he knows that, the little pieces of conversation, will bring with them the photographs he wants so much.

Only change the light, very important, how they gather inside, which is a good thing because they may start to tell them to others and, without knowing it, they make a wedding photographer very happy, full, of plenty, and completely satisfied with himself when it will be time to go away.

Guests, on the terrace of Café Paris in Sintra, mingle and tell stories on a sunny afternoon, under the lens of the wedding photographer.

A couple, sitting under the Sintra sun, chat during the conviviality of the wedding party at Café Paris, as seen by the wedding photographer.

In the distance, three female friends and wedding guests, chatting about something on a mobile phone, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

In a group of wedding guests, one of the female guests laughs with satisfaction to the others chatting with her, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

The bride chats with a boy next to other wedding guests, captured by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

Sitting on a sofa, the grandmothers of the bride and groom chat with them before leaving for the dining room, captured by the wedding photographer at Café Paris in Sintra.

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