The bride's sister adjusts her hairstyle with her sitting down during her wedding party conviviality at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.

The photographer in Sintra when everyone gets together at a wedding at Quinta da Serra


The bride's sister adjusts her hairstyle with her sitting down during her wedding party conviviality at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.

  Gatherings. What is a wedding day if not an excellent opportunity for gatherings? The wedding photographer finds two great moments of gathering, on the wedding day, that symbolize the bonds between everybody and the wedding couple, that decided to have them with them, to witness and celebrate the new connection. The first one is the ceremony with the rings and then yes, I do, where everyone, solemnly, approaches the attention of the ceremonial table and shares that crucial moment that changes the type of bond they had to the one they will have from there. They are, already, husband and wife but, also, all the other family members are, from now on, connected with new bonds and, in a certain way, they are responsible for each other in a family that became bigger and, as we want it, stronger. The other moment is the cut of the cake. After flying in small flocks according to the interest of the conversations and the degrees of the bonds, they gather again. They will share that gratitude in the form of a slice of cake, because the newlyweds do not want to let them go without offering it and, once more, assure that they are all connected by the affection and the love they have for them all.

    But, beyond these gatherings, for the really important things for each and every one of those who are there, the wedding photographer takes notice of lots of other gatherings, many of them reunions, that are an irresistible attraction for his lenses thirsty for moments too, then, blatantly, tell me you see if it were not for us you would be here doing anything and everything around would pass you by. I say yes because contradicting them is not good, I also notice many of them which you take advantage of very well. It is not worth it because, like that, I have them motivated to be aware and not let anything goes away and, when everything is over, it is a beauty to see them quiet in the bag, because they believe that without them the wedding photographer, also, would not be with that great feeling of accomplishment, which is true.  

    So, we wander around there and, sometimes one or the other, they bring me moments of meeting according to our interests. Some of them paint, others talk and tell stories, others take care of each other, and others, simply, enjoy, they are there because they know that is it necessary to be and nothing else. It is a time when the wedding photographer feels that time stays out of time and everything seems to be perfect as if he was a gardener in the moment of picking flowers for the wedding, being able to bring them but letting them stay, which is what photographs do. Its power and magic are such that, without pinching anything in the ones who are gathering, it takes them so they never lose themselves in time and always being able to come back to the gathering that already happened.

    The wedding photographer knows that and he can not waste time until it is time to change places and the time of gatherings is over, purposefully designed for him and his lens, as he thinks. But, he also knows, that other photos will be around and ready for his restlessness lenses. Yes, it is like that.

Two girls with attention on a table, next to a lady, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

The bride, next to two girls and a lady, checks a card on a table, captured by the wedding photographer at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.

Details of the wedding cake with a rose, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

In the distance and among out of focus guests, the bride and groom kiss after the cutting of the wedding cake at Quinta da Serra in Sintra.

Two girls paint a canvas in the convivial afternoon at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, by the wedding photographer.

Three little boys eat ice cream, sitting at a small table at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, seen by the wedding photographer.

Two wedding guests at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, talking facing each other.

The groom and bride seen from the back and looking at each other, by the lake at Quinta da Serra in Sintra, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

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