Bride dancing in the wedding party at Casa de Reguengos.

The photographer in the dancing forest, at weddings


Bride dancing in the wedding party at Casa de Reguengos.

There are various stages for which a wedding photographer must be prepared. Some force me to be very focused because what is happening has the obligation of not being able to run out of memory, others give me certain freedom where I can choose more freely where I can better compose my photos and, even, somewhere I can delight myself with that wait, wait, wait…now. Despite that more or less design, a wedding day is full of acts, like those of the theater, that with more or less fastness, more or less calm offer to the wedding photographer lot’s of reasons to continue being it.

I have, also, that part, or act, where I am on my own and I use it as I feel I like it, as long as I get the story told. As soon as the dance takes off, and all the people run to the center of the music, releasing energy, joy, and restlessness, the wedding photographer picks up their cameras with the right lenses, that have the knowledge for the moment, and starts to run, constantly, inside that disheveled forest as if the winds that move it were replaced by songs and beats wisely chosen by a DJ that knows about the business and, in the end, he will leave with delicious fruits offered by this grove.

It is true that several times, I ask myself how that energy is so attractive to me when, after many hours as a wedding photographer, I find my own and go harvesting all that crop, that I can not, ever, take advantage of to transform it in photos, that we love so much. Also, I ask myself how the guests, suddenly, since the first beat on the loudspeakers, jump from the tables where they were languidly seated after a tasty meal and untie that madness. I am glad they do it, that is why I am there.

Floral arrangement to decorate the space of the wedding party.
Dance choreography by wedding guests.
Bride and two girl friends playing with masks.
Guests at the wedding party taking a selfie.
Newlyweds dancing.

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